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It's Politics Time!

I noticed that it’s been a while since I posted something a little “light-hearted.” So, it’s time for a social/political post! Yay! Everyone put their helmets on.

There has been a lot of things going on in the news lately. So much to comment on/snark/whatever you want to call it. I’ll mention a few things here today.

First things first - Healthcare. I haven’t read the bill that the House recently passed and the Senate shot down, but I am honestly getting a little sick of hearing about healthcare. I realize that it’s important for many people. Hell, it’s important to me. However, I would rather they take their time and pass a bill that will work and won’t further drain the economy than pump out something that will further ruin what is an already screwed up system.

I completely agree with the importance of a new and improved healthcare system. It is definitely a necessity. However, Congress really doesn’t seem to know what it’s doing (like it rarely ever does), and I’m not sure that this is the right crowd to really make improvements. I mean, listening to some CSPAN clips and watching various news sources, while reading articles online, have got me worried! Some of the people in Congress shouldn’t be allowed out in public, much less be able to make and pass laws for the entire nation. I’m not saying that I have all the answers, or know what is the best solution to the problem. So many people have so many ideas. Some are good, and some are bad. Who really knows what will ultimately work? I certainly don’t. I just wish that the people in Congress would either get educated about what they are trying to pass a bill for, or let some people in to help them develop something that will work. The partisan crap needs to stop - we are all people here trying to make a difference and make the country better for everyone (not just Democrats or Republicans!). They need to work together and find some kind of middle ground that works and isn’t ridiculous. Sounds a whole lot easier than it actually is.

Obama. Gotta love him - he’s trying to fix something that is so screwed up, no one knows which way is up. Unfortunately, he keeps running into bad press. He honestly didn’t NEED to “win” a Nobel Peace Prize. He’s a good guy and the first African American President of the United States, but he hasn’t done anything to deserve winning such a coveted and highly respected award. I voted for him and I support him still - but I think that the Nobel Committee awarding him that just put one more nail in his already half nailed down coffin with his critics. I can understand their reasoning - that they awarded it to him to “incite support and with a hope for the future” that he may bring peace and prosperity to a nation that has fallen. But still - a Nobel Peace Prize? COME ON!

Finally, I just want to mention something that I saw on the Daily Show last week. (Well, I really watched the episode last night on my DVR, but it was from last week.) Jon Stewart was talking about Fox News, as he does a lot these days. (Obama bashers and such!) He mentioned a rally that Sean Hannity was covering for a supposed “march on Washington” in dispute with the healthcare bill that the House of Representatives passed last week. In the footage shown in the background, they began with footage from the day of the rally and then literally changed the footage to reflect a completely different rally on a completely different day that Glenn Beck had thrown in September! Can you believe that?! They didn’t even mention the change in footage when they were discussing the “thousands and thousands” of attendees. The best part is that the Glenn Beck rally was better attended than the healthcare rally!

Anyways - that’s my take on some recent events. Not necessarily light hearted, but at least it’s not depressing. Or is it? Kind of hard to tell.
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