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Oh, History, How I Love Thee - Let Me Count the Ways

Lately, I feel like I've been getting away from History because I've been focusing on other classes to get to be able to take what I need to take to fulfil my major requirements. So, I've decided that I am going to start writing about issues that come up in my Sociology class, current events, and such, and relate them to History. I will try to do this once a month because I am pretty busy and these entries will involve research and such. These posts will be public and will be free to debate, hopefully so I can meet some new and interesting people and learn new and different things as I go along.

This is just an introductory post to this, so I will annouce myself. I am 23 (next month), currently going to UNLV for my BA in History with a focus on European history. My Minor is in Anthropology, and I will be going for my Master's in Library Science after I graduate. I've had a passion for History for a long time, and am eager to explore how History connects to our everyday lives and how we can use it to better ourselves and our future. I want to meet people with similar interests and enjoy debating about controversial topics.

I need to decide on a first topic to cover, which I will post on March 1. Any suggestions would be welcome, but here are some ideas that I've thought of:

1. Socialization in general, but more specifically, feral children and the impact that society can have on our lives as we grow.
2. The impact of technology on our family lives
3. How we view ourselves - physical appearance and vanity
4. Folklore and mythology - how it reflects our lives today
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