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New Beginnings


This is my very first entry in my new livejournal account thingymabobber. I'm going to, as stated in my bio, make this a writing only site where I put all of my writings and poems and such. 

Some of you may wonder why I'm doing this, and it's simple. I need to get back to doing something that I've always loved doing and haven't had the time to in a long time. I'm going to advertise this on my myspace page, and so, to those of you who have come here because of curiosity or just to support me - thank you. To those of you on livejournal who are just exploring, welcome. I hope you all enjoy my entries here and comment and critique on my works in progress. There's always room for improvement, and I want to improve enough that I become the full-fledged published author that is my goal. 

Enjoy the silliness. I'll try to post a story or something on here by next weekend. TTFN!


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