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Tu es beau, mon amour

Tu me fais craquer

31 March
*~*~*Important Note to Visitors*~*~*
My blog is Friends Only, for the most part. I occasionally post for public eyes as well, but most of the posts are for my friends. In order to gain access to these posts, you must comment a public post or send me a message.

Looking forward to meeting you! =D


I am a mixture of geek, OCD, and craziness - all rolled into one. I lead a very busy life of working full time as a Team Lead for a collection agency for HOAs (yuck!) and going to school part time at UNLV to obtain my BA and eventually my MA in History then Library Science. Yes, I am going to be a librarian. I love books, reading, and writing very much and being surrounded by that, as well as having the opportunity to help people and research random things seems like an awesomely perfect career. I am a girly girl with tomboy tendencies, though I hate bugs and gross things like dirt. I am recently engaged to the best man in the world - even though he's a little slow (took him 6 years to propose ;)).

I have many varied interests in books, movies, and music. I sometimes watch reality television to make me laugh, and I am in love with Glee. Friends is my favorite TV show of all time. Some of my favorite authors/books include Dean Koontz, Laurell K. Hamilton, Hunger Games trilogy, and nonfiction. One of my favorite bands is Flogging Molly, followed by randomness like Adele, Maroon 5, Queen, and "oldies" and classic rock. My taste is movies varies with my mood - I currently have about 50 random films in my Netflix queue that range from documentaries, mockumentaries, comedy, drama, and randomness.

What, out of all this random will I write about? Anything and everything. Mostly I write about my day to day life. Sometimes I'm a little dramatic and ranty, but I promise a good time. I write about current events sometimes, but not often, and am strictly left leaning in my beliefs. Oh, and I post about wedding stuff as often as I can - because I'm obsessed! :)